Thursday, June 26, 2008

Yarnmarket Promotion: Win a Cat!

For those of you who've been concerned about Scarface, you'll be happy to know that he's doing extremely well and has now taken over my home. He's still pretty skittish, but at night he likes to cuddle up against me while I'm sleeping. His purr sounds like a race car, and he nuzzles like crazy. Sure do wish I could keep him.

Unfortunately, with Alex's severe allergies I promised him that I'd have no more cats after Kim and Hannibal (who died in the past year at the ages of 14 and 15, leaving me devastated and catless).

Anyway, we've got to find a nice home for this pussycat and I thought we might have a contest. Our luckiest shopper would win a free cat. Of course, we'd have to ensure that the lucky winner would:

1. Answer to the cat's every beck and call
2. Feed it human tuna, half-and-half cream, and Science Diet like I do (okay, this is asking a bit much)
3. Pat it and stroke it and brush it and give it lots of affection
4. Understand that it's a scaredy cat and requires patience
5. Not have any other cats because Scarface is FIV positive
6. Never let him outside where he might infect other animals
7. Change his name to something nice like "Snugglepuss"

We've nursed Scarface back to health and have had him neutered, so he's in perfect operating condition. Oh! That reminds've got to check out the Engineer's Guide to Cats on YouTube. It's a riot!

If any of you know someone who'd love to be enslaved by this sweet, affectionate, half-Siamese, blue-eyed sweetypuss, please let me know. I need to find a nice home for him before I fall in love and refuse to part with him.

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