Friday, May 9, 2008

Brenda's Cookies

Yesterday we were standing around talking...I mean, working feverishly at our computers, hunched over with sweat dripping from our brows, when Brenda showed up unexpectedly. It was her day off, so it was a surprise to see her.

It was also a surprise that she was carrying a huge platter of fresh, warm cookies. Mmmm.... She'd been baking cookies for her husband's co-workers and decided to make some for her friends and colleagues at Yarnmarket.

Three thousand calories later, as I wiped the crumbs off my face, I commented to everyone about how easy it would be to poison me. Just leave a cookie in my presence. I wish I hadn't noticed the devious glances they were giving one another as I said that. (Next time Brenda shows up with a platter of cookies, I'll have to ensure that Josh or Alex eats one before I do.)

Brenda said her cookies were low fat and sugarless...which I don't think is possible because they were absolutely fantastic. They were loaded with Ghirardelli chocolate, so I guess there was some fat...but chocolate fat doesn't count.

When I'm finished trying to extract Jill's award-winning fudge recipe from her, maybe I can work on Brenda to share her recipe.

NOTE TO JILL AND BRENDA: Pleeeeeease? Please can we have the recipes?

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