Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

We're a romantic group here at Yarnmarket. (That's the "lust" in Life and lust at Yarnmarket.) And being hopeless romantics, Jill and Susie felt compelled to turn our sweet little sheep into a sexy, sultry, seductive Love Ewe.

Looking as if she just leapt off a Victoria's Secret catwalk, she's wearing a luxurious red stole, beaded necklace with matching bracelet, and -- of course -- her heart-shaped YarnMartian antennae. You can't see the false eyelashes in this shot but, believe me, they're there.

During the Valentine's Day Yarn Rush, our Love Ewe is greeting unsuspecting visitors when they arrive at Yarnmarket World Headquarters in the thriving megalopolis of Pickerington, OH. (Don't believe it? Well, we have a Starbucks in our Kroger store...and Starbucks wouldn't put one of their high-falutin' coffee shops just any old place, would they?)

If you're in our neighborhood, drop by and take a look at Love Ewe. You'll also want to see all the sumptuous new yarns that have recently arrived following our TNNA buying spree.

The new Panda Silk from Crystal Palace is to die for! Well, not literally. But it sure is great...and it's eco-friendly, too. We might need to create the lovely ribbed scarf for our sheep. It's getting cold here in the heartland and this fun project would be perfect for everyone...including ewe!

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